Cucumbered Punx with Unhappy Meal (split with Gasoline Grenade)

by The Mindless Show



This is a split release between The Mindless Show and also Gasoline Grenade (featuring ex-members and current members of Injustice System Acceptance, Mass Separation, Relationsheep, Hostile Disgrace and Angkasawanegara) from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tape (Pissart Records)
7" vinyl (soon!)

Print run:
200 copies


released January 1, 2010



all rights reserved
Track Name: Eat 'Em All Mr. Vulture
Welcoming you, Mr. Vulture!
Feast on all those corpses
and all our neighbours!

Don't you smell those ashes?
It's the burnt down Telco's
all those spammers
shark lenders
and mindless people...

Leave us more flesh of (those) business shits
Now let us eat it and let us drink it
Thieving privacy and shitting with rights
Ripping asses with all those ads
Chaining dumb necks killing innocents
30 miles (of) debts, bills and craps
More privatized, more organized
You shall taste the shit which came out from my ass!
Track Name: Burning Brains
Ran out of ideas now
I'm in idle mode
There's something in my brain
So there goes all my filthy thinking

Let's buy a submarine
Let's buy a helicopter
Let's bomb this bloody hell
Come on, let's go to war

Now wait (for) the orders and ready to die...

We've fought against each other
We have family back there
The president sits down and laugh...

They said it's country
They said (that) we need to be proud
"Protect our bloody land"

Smash these freaking borders
No more bloody murders
It's autonomy!
and it's all in our hands

Go tell everyone now
We hold the power now
and together we can make a change!